Vermicast (worm manure) is stabilized organic matter which has been produced by the interaction between composting worms and soil microbes during the decomposition of organic material.

Multi-Gen Worm Mix

Multi-Gen Worm Mix

Multi-Gen Worm Mix contains worms in all generations (babies, juveniles, breeders) as well as the essential “composting associates” (beneficial bacteria, microbes, fungi) which drive the decomposition of organic waste.

Bait Worms

Bait Worms

Our bait worms are red wigglers that get special treatment in order to fatten them up to bait-size: they live in shallow trays with a monitored population in order to ensure that they have plenty of room to grow.

Learning Opportunities

The following presentation / services are offered by Prairie Worm Works.
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Worms in the classroom

1 hour, curriculum-aligned presentations.

Tailor-made in order to focus on specific grades/units, covering such topics as environmental sustainability, biodiversity, life science, the scientific method, sustainable agriculture, observational writing, data collection and analysis, and,integrated math.

These courses can be applied/tailored for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Beginner vermicomposting courses

Making simple one-bin home vermicomposting bins.

Worm care and maintenance.

Rotten Sustainability: Reducing household waste through Composting and Vermicomposting.

Advanced vermicomposting workshops/consulting

Growing your herd.

Constructing Continuous Flow Through (CFT) systems (easier vermicast extraction for garden use).

Methods for harvesting vermicast for garden use.

Backyard Composting workshops/consulting

Hot compost: Creating finished compost in 21 days using garden waste.

Constructing effective outdoor compost bins out of free material.

Troubleshooting: why doesn’t my compost pile break down by the end of the gardening season?

Cold compost: Introducing worms to inactive compost heaps; extracting usable vermicast.

How to use compost in the garden.